Grow Your Career in Marketing: Getting Hired Is Not The End Game

If you want an opportunity to help you progress in life while providing some extra income on top of what’s coming from existing positions, then take note!

These days a lot of companies have been cutting costs and hiring remote digital marketing specialist roles in developing countries. For most people who struggle with finding jobs locally, this is a great opportunity to earn.

You may think that being overqualified is terrible, but it’s one of the best qualities you can have when applying for jobs with benefits options.

This guide will show why and provide tips on not being too far beyond what employers want, and how to get hired in remote digital marketing specialist roles.

Top 5 Soft Skills That Employers Value For Freelance Jobs Online

Soft skills are what employers look for when they have a hard time deciding whether to hire you.

They want somebody who can fit in with their team, work well under pressure and be dependable despite being remotely employed – all while having fun!

Your attitude towards your job application or interview will dictate how successful it is because these soft skill areas determine if someone gets promoted after starting part-time employment in a location across town from them.

You might not realize this, but soft skills are crucial to your career success. So here is a list of the top 5 most essential ones for you:

  1. Communication skills

Knowing the right words and how to use them can help you be a great communicator. Your tone of voice should also match what you are saying, so it will help others understand your point- even if they don’t agree with or like that decision!

When you can communicate in a way that builds mutual respect and understanding, your work becomes more productive. You can also extract clear expectations from your boss through communication methods such as phone calls or video chats today.

  1. Leadership

The job market is competitive, but it’s not about who can talk the best. Employers also look at how you interact with people and make decisions- if you are calm under pressure or know when something needs changing to get results; these are vital skills for any successful leader!

When you are confident and have a clear vision, it’s easier to be seen by your coworkers. They’ll approve of the ideas that come from this—and they might even start implementing them too!

  1. Collaboration

For collaboration to work, you must have trust and faith in your colleagues. First off, let them do their job without interruption or interference from yourself; this will allow them to do things properly and give honest feedback when needed so that all may succeed together!

Maximizing each team member’s skills and strengths will show enthusiasm for the project. Your manager might give your employees benefits like a raise or additional training if they see that working together is worth it!

  1. Adaptability

When you don’t need to sulk and dig deeper in your heels, it enables the company’s growth. So instead of just staying put or getting demoted because everything didn’t go according to plan- adapt!

A pivot will help move forward when things constantly change from one day to another – industry shifts are inevitable, so try not to be frustrated by them either; they’re bound for evolution anyway.

  1. Positive Attitude

A positive work attitude can help you manage stress and stay productive. While being friendly with your colleagues is essential, being optimistic helps in stressful situations. Focusing solely on what needs to be done right away or how much more there is left to accomplish before deadlines.

How To Get Freelance Jobs From Home In The Philippines

Bored with your 9-5 job? Freelance, and start making money in new ways. Don’t know where or what job is suitable for you? We’re here with some tips on how!.

5 Easy-To-Use Sites To Find Freelance Jobs Online, Fast

Working from the comfort of your own home comes with unmatched freedom and flexibility. But how do you find legit freelance jobs online? Check out some great options for work-from-home opportunities in this article!

JobStreet is one of the leading online employment marketplaces. It aims to connect talented job seekers and fresh graduates to reputable companies. It offers more than 30,000 job listings every day. The website is easy to navigate and comes with a downloadable mobile app. So send your job applications while on the go.


Upwork is a prominent name in freelancing. There is a tight competition as it is one of the most popular freelance jobs online. Setting up a free account is easy. But you must create an impressive profile and convincing pitch.


Kalibrr is quite the same as JobStreet. Creating an account helps you explore numerous job opportunities. In addition, your profile serves as your resume that employers review. Also, the job website offers fun and inspirational career advice. It helps applicants gain knowledge and confidence while looking for freelance jobs online.


If you have a freelance company you want to apply to, Glassdoor is the best platform. You can browse reviews about the company. Former and current employees write anonymously. Also, you can view the salaries and employee benefits like healthcare coverage.


If you don’t know how to start freelancing, Fiverr is the best online marketplace. It connects you to clients that need a specific service. But, you can still apply for various jobs where your skills excel. For example, you can work as a financial advisor with a sideline as a graphic designer.

Check out these freelancing platforms and begin your part-time remote jobs. For sure, you’ll find the compensation and benefits job description.

5 Reasons You're Not Getting Freelance Jobs From Home

Being a freelancer, full-time or part-time, has two definite jobs. The first is to excel in what you do. And the second is consistently find your work. Unfortunately, little mistakes hinder you from securing the position you need and deserve. Read the reasons why.

Weak marketing strategy

Freelancing requires constant self-marketing. It would help if you boosted your profile and achievements to gain clients. However, it doesn’t mean you have to be all things to every employer. Instead, you need to specify your specialty by niching down. This way, you display a clear value proposition to your target audience.

The price is not correct.

When you search for part-time remote jobs, you sell your skills. You need to set a reasonable rate without being too costly and being too cheap. Sometimes, being expensive makes you miss some suitable jobs. Meanwhile, selling yourself short is like devaluing your work. Research the industry you’re in to receive fair pay for your job description.

Incomplete profile and description

A freelance profile is your frontline when making money online. Prospective clients review it to learn about you, your skills, and your experience. You might miss opportunities if you don’t have an interesting profile and description. Fulfill and personalize your bio as a first-person. Don’t forget to attach a clear and professional-looking photo.

Applying for the wrong jobs

When browsing freelance online platforms, you search for writing jobs. However, there are various niches to consider. For example, an eBook writer is different from a copywriter. It wastes you and your client’s time if you apply for bother. So, apply for freelance jobs online if you feel comfortable. And check if the requirements match your skill set.

Always in the comfort zone

Learning how to start freelancing means getting out of your comfort zone. Most freelancer professionals ditched their office jobs to commit to the challenges of learning new things. Sometimes, clients contact you with a fantastic offer, but you’re not confident enough. Could you take it? Don’t mope around. Instead, learn the skills needed for the job and be efficient.

Learn from these mistakes. Don’t let your weakness be the reason for being jobless. Instead, be flexible and adapt to the ever-growing industry of freelancing.

Tips During The Interview For Freelance Jobs Online

After a long wait, you finally land your first online job interview. Here are quick tips on how to secure the job post you need.

Research your prospect company

Spend a little time reviewing the company website. Read on how they operate and what their brand truly offers. Being knowledgeable about your interviewer shows how well-prepared you at for the job.

Showcase sample portfolio

Your primary reference as a freelancer is your work. Always have your portfolio ready to present during the interview. Before, it was a physical folder. But now it is digital that you email to your interviewer. A well-curated portfolio demonstrates how you bring your client’s vision to life. So it’s best to choose samples relevant to the job position they need.

Elaborate on your working process

Clients want to know how a freelancer works. It indicates whether you’re or not your ways are practical and efficient. For example, clients might assume you are unorganized without a working process. So please explain how you work on projects and be confident when discussing it.

Being prepared for interviews is vital for getting freelance jobs online. If you’re a newbie or a well-established freelancer, create a pitch to make you stand out. But of course, it should be towards a positive side.

4 Ways On How To Get More Clients As a Virtual Assistant

Freelance jobs from home come in various scopes. Virtual Assitant (VA) is one of the most popular careers in the industry. If you want to get more clients, try these ways.

Scout for freelance VA marketplaces

Create profile accounts for freelance jobs on online marketplaces like Upwork, Flexjobs, and more. These platforms post numerous VA jobs. You need to filter and use specific keywords to help you find more suitable clients. Also, you must draft your description tailored to your prospect. This way, you give more value to the VA work you’re aiming for.

Connect with other freelancers

In the freelancing industry, freelancers work hand-in-hand to meet new potential clients. Some might be working with the people you’re interested in working with. For example, you could look for blog writers who need graphic designers. Your expertise can help bring the format of their weekly blog posts to life.

Be of service to others.

Get started by offering an ideal client a free consultation. Give honest and professional advice that they will surely appreciate. It might inspire them to hire you. It works best for copywriters, web designers, and social media managers. But, for sure, it will work for you as well as a virtual assistant.

Start narrow and expand later.

Start with a particular niche and stay in it as long as possible. Choose one at a time – client and industry. Once you have garnered expertise, you may expand to other services. Then, serve your best and develop more skills later on.

Getting hired as a VA is not as difficult as you think. But it does require a paradigm so you can shift into the freelancing industry.

Dealing With Clients On Freelance Jobs

One reason VA opts for part-time remote jobs is that they are introverts. They prefer to be alone than be surrounded by outgoing and expressive colleagues. Although it is a significant disadvantage, you can still get jobs eligible with benefits. Here’s what you should do.

Be familiar with your daily activities and your energy level

Track your energy levels throughout the day. Observe it for a week long. You’ll notice the time when you’re most energized, inspired, and creative. Also, take note when you feel tired and lazy. Maximize your different moods and align your work with your energy levels.

Create your space

Introverts need space before interacting with people. If you have a scheduled meeting with your client, take time to prepare. Write down the points you want to tackle. Also, jot down vital details during the session. After the meeting, take a few moments before returning to serious work mode.

Protect your time

As a VA, you follow scheduled work time. It helps you maintain a continuous workflow that requires your full attention. You should inform others about your timetable. This way, no one will bother you until you finish your work. And if ever they do, you know it is an emergency.

Allot breaks in between

The life of a virtual assistant can be challenging. And if you’re an introvert, it’s pretty exhausting physically and mentally. So rest is a must. Set a break time like what most office workers have. Use it to recharge yourself. Grab a bite or a drink, walk for a while, or hug your kid or pet. This way, you’re ready to face new clients once again. Plus, you get to rest your mind and eyes too.

Seek advice from other introverted VA

It is advisable to build your network as a VA. It helps a lot if you know someone who is introverted and works in the same industry. You can get tips on getting a grip on the working process. Plus, you can set better client management and expectation.

Being introverted is not a bad thing. What’s worse is you force yourself to do something you’re not comfortable with. So take note of these tips to be more productive as a virtual assistant.

Quick Ways On How To Multitask

Multitasking is a crucial skill to enhance your work performance and productivity. As a virtual assistant, you face various job obligations and responsibilities. To cope with this, you can apply these practical ways to multitask accurately.

A to-do list is a must.

Like going to market, a list is handy so you won’t miss anything. First, list down all your ongoing projects. Then, organize them according to importance. This way, you can manage and prioritize crucial tasks first. Also, you avoid neglecting essential aspects, even the tiniest detail.

Stay away from distractions.

An effective multitasker gets the job done by steering away from distractions. Freelance jobs from home are tricky too. Get a soundproof home office. So you can concentrate and become more productive in accomplishing your task.

Delegate tasks

Team effort gets the job done fast and efficiently. If you are feeling overwhelmed, delegate a task to someone capable of handling it. Then, ensure that your coworker has the skills to finish critical it. This way, you can accomplish everything on time.

Some say that multitasking is not for everybody. But if you practice and learn how to do it properly, you can surely do it.

How To Move Up In Your Career

A freelancer works based on their terms. You can advance your job level if you want to develop additional skills and extra funds.

3 Tips To Get Promoted At Work

Promotion helps you earn more, gain self-accomplishment and receive a benefit plan. You can increase your chances if you want to market your career effectively. Here’s what you should do.

Ask for feedback from supervisors.

You can get the correct details about the promotion from your manager or employer. First, create and present a list of your job skills, responsibilities, and achievements. Also, you need to showcase how the projects benefited from your work. Then, express your desire for career advancement. Finally, don’t forget to seek and follow your supervisor’s suggestions on how to get promoted. But remember to do all these professionally.

Exhibit leadership skills

Getting promoted equates to being a leader. You have to be a role model and gain the respect of your colleagues. Also, you must grab the opportunity to motivate other team members. In addition, be indispensable in every project you make. This way, your boss will see you as a prime candidate to be promoted.

Maintain a positive presence at all times

Positivity brings out the best in anyone in any situation. If you can stay calm and optimistic even under pressure, you are qualified to advance your career. You must stay focused even during challenging times. It helps you deliver consistent and flawless output. In addition, being positive always brings out the best in your coworkers.

Always bear in mind why you strive to get promoted. It keeps you motivated and gets you eligible for the benefits you deserve.

How To Get Promoted: The Do's And Don'ts You Need To Know

If you aim for a promotion, sometimes working hard is not enough. You must become a valuable member of the organization to gain more than employee benefits. Refer to this list when climbing the ladder in your company.

Communicate with your boss and colleague

Communication is a stepping stone to marketing your career. It doesn’t mean you have to know about personal information about your coworker. Instead, build rapport and relationships early for a smoother transition if you become a boss one day. Also, inform your manager about your goal to teach you the core competencies you might need.

Resilience is the key.

Promotion is not about becoming too busy or bossy. You need to balance your work-life. So don’t stress yourself too much. Instead, learn how to delegate tasks and deal with higher-ups rationally.

Revenue is essential

Don’t sell yourself short and brag too much if you seek a promotion. Instead, showcase how you can bring more revenue to the company. Make sure to present feasible ideas to save money so they can justify the salary raise and position you aim for.

Avoid telling a sob story.

Sharing your daily life challenges helps you ease your burden. But never use it as leverage to achieve a job promotion. Employers care about their employee’s well-being. But it is not their obligation to lift you from your filial responsibilities. Instead, focus on getting your job done efficiently.

Never apply for a job that doesn’t fit you.

Apply for a job promotion if you see your future in it. Don’t add tasks if you have to learn from scratch. Instead, petition for roles you are comfortable with and genuinely interested in. This way, you are more credible for the position you want.

If you set your eyes on promotion, become a valuable employee your company can’t live without. Keep in mind these tips to avoid the hustle of reaching the top of the ladder.

In Demand Digital Marketing Specialist Roles

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, specialists play a crucial role in driving business growth and success. These professionals possess deep expertise in specific areas, allowing them to develop and execute targeted strategies that yield significant results. Whether it's through optimizing ad campaigns, enhancing video content, or streamlining marketing processes, digital marketing specialists contribute to higher engagement, increased sales, and improved ROI. Their skills are invaluable in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape and achieving sustained business growth.

Facebook Ads Specialist, Video Editing Specialist
A Facebook Ads Specialist and Video Editing Specialist teamed up to significantly enhance a client's ad campaign performance. By implementing rapid testing strategies and developing numerous ad variations, they achieved a 10.83 ROAS on a top-of-funnel campaign, dramatically increasing the volume of campaigns and freeing up management time for strategic tasks. This success established a long-term relationship with the client, demonstrating the value of specialized digital marketing expertise.

Ecommerce Marketing Specialist
An Ecommerce Marketing Specialist was instrumental in driving $125,000 in revenue for a new local seasonal DTC brand. By leveraging effective marketing strategies and deep knowledge of ecommerce trends, the specialist helped the brand achieve significant sales late in the season, proving the critical role of targeted ecommerce marketing in boosting revenue.

Paid Media Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist
Combining the efforts of a Paid Media Specialist and an Email Marketing Specialist led to a substantial boost in DTC sales for a client. The team optimized paid media campaigns and crafted compelling email marketing content, resulting in increased customer engagement and sales. This collaboration underscores the power of integrating paid media and email marketing for comprehensive digital marketing success.

Marketing Automation Specialist, PPC Specialist
A Marketing Automation Specialist and a PPC Specialist collaborated to streamline marketing processes and enhance campaign effectiveness. By automating routine tasks and optimizing PPC campaigns, they improved overall marketing efficiency and ROI, showcasing the importance of automation and precise PPC management in modern digital marketing.

Google Ads Specialist, Facebook Ads Specialist
A Google Ads Specialist and a Facebook Ads Specialist worked together to elevate the marketing efforts of a medical marketing agency. Through strategic ad placements and continuous optimization, they increased the agency's visibility and client acquisition, demonstrating the synergy between Google and Facebook ads in driving business growth.

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